The mandate and ambition of the Research Group on Responsible Innovation

The Responsible Innovation (RI) group is a trans-disciplinary research group at the HiOA Work Research Institute (WRI). It’s mandate is to deliver action oriented and policy relevant research of high academic standard in the areas of:

  • Ethical, legal and social aspects of emerging science and technologies (ELSA)
  • Governance of innovation processes
  • Responsible, participatory and integrated innovation processes
  • Risk and uncertainty related to health, safety and environmental consequences of new technology development

Specific research interests include:

  • the philosophical foundation for sustainability and responsibility
  • methods and practices of transdisciplinarity, transparency and dialogue
  • concepts of innovation (such as innovation system approaches) and their implications for responsibility
  • institutional and structural conditions for (responsible) research and innovation, such codes of conducts, assessment practices, standards and patents
  • specific application fields such as biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, geo engineering and ICTs (including welfare technologies and big data)

The Research Group is a founding member of the Virtual Institute for Responsible Innovation (VIRI), lead by the Center for Nanotechnology in Society at Arizona State University.

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