Naturalness in Human Cognitive Enhancement

The project aims at building up a new international research partnership in the field of Human Cognitive Enhancement (HCE) and to provide clear and accessible HCE-related analysis, guidelines and directions for policymakers, stakeholders, HCE engineers and consumers. Its goal is to create a philosophically grounded, open and transparent framework for description, assessment and forecast of acceptability of HCE systems in public space and by society, as well as for HCE governance issues.

HCENAT comprises and links together very diverse range of disciplines and methods such as technology assessment, ethics, logic, set theory, philosophy of science, philosophy of medicine, cognitive science, psychology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and speech technologies. HiOA will contribute to the research on ethics of HCE, and lead the work package on governance of HCE.

The project is co-ordinated by The Department of Interdisciplinary Activities at the University of West Bohemia. Other members are Charles University in Prague, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Prague Psychiatric Center, The Department of Cybernetics at University of West Bohemia and The University College of Gjøvik, Faculty of Health, Care and Nursing. It runs from 2013 until 2017 and is funded by Norway Grants.